Your new home has been inspected by our staff at every stage of construction. Further inspections have been carried out by municipal building inspectors, electrical and plumbing inspectors. Now it’s your turn to go over every aspect of your new home in detail. At some time you will, together with RVL’s representative,inspect your home. This pre-delivery inspection is mandatory. You will be contacted to set up an appointment for this inspection.

At this time you will complete a NEW HOME WARRANTY PROGRAM Certificate of Completion and Possession, which will enrol you in the New Home Warranty Program. This will be provided to you by RVL. This lists any defects discovered during the pre-delivery inspection, but your Warranty is not limited to these items. Your RVL Builder’s Warranty provides for the correction of any defects reported within one year of occupancy.

Furthermore, your New Home Warranty will protect you against major structural defects reported during the subsequent six-year period. If you miss anything during your pre-delivery inspection, items of concern can still be reported to RVL during your first year of occupancy. To help you with your pre-closing inspection, we’ve provided a usefulchecklist.