Your Service Schedule

After moving into your home, you may find items in need of repair or replacement. If the items are outstanding from your pre-delivery inspection, nothing needs to be done because this list will have been handed to the finishing supervisor. RVL will have those items completed as soon as possible.

30-day Inspection

After you have been in your home for thirty days, any new items that have appeared should be listed and submitted to our office using theDeficiency Form. You will be provided with a hard copy of this form when your new home closes. Upon receipt of the form, our office will contact you to arrange an appointment to have these items checked. We will try to clean up any deficiencies within a short time period of the receipt of the list.

11-month Inspection

Toward the end of the first year, you should follow the same procedure as for the three-month form, except the Deficiency Form must be in RVL’s possession before the end of the first year to be covered by RVL’s one-year warranty.